Grounded Pada Health

Health Consulting with Coach Ashley Tryban


Everyone needs a coach. I coach individuals ready to take an exciting leap into living a healthier happier life!

Let’s get grounded; in your shoes, in your life, and in this moment!


In Sanskrit “Pada” means foot or chapter. I want to partner with you to make this chapter of your book the foundation for a lifetime!


Everyone has the potential to thrive. Yes, that means you too!  Thriving in life is not about a diet, or a gym; it is about your human experience!


My mission is to partner with you as you ground into the present. Simultaneously, we will brainstorm with our heads in the clouds!


 Step into your shoes and reach for the sky. Together, we are unstoppable!  Make this chapter your pilot for the lifetime to come!

Get grounded. Contact your coach and start thriving today!

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