Grounded Pada Health

The Grounded Approach

Addressing your needs is number one and you know your needs best! In our consulting relationship, I filter, edit and keep you on track to your best self! In a world of distractions, putting both our heads together on your journey will make all the difference!

On your quest, I will challenge you to become a productive, active, and healthy member of society ready to take on the world. Your interpretation and your pace are entirely up to you. You run the show!


This is not a bandage for a larger problem. We start with today to regain your footing in your life.

It will get messy.Together we will create a safe, judgment free space to collaborate giving you the confidence to explore your own growth.


Knowledge is truly power, especially when it comes to thriving in your own shoes! Independence is the main objective.

Together we are a partnership. We will strive to help you recognize your own sustainability to build confidence. Your answers are awaiting your discovery!

Coaching Credentials

Your Coach:

Ashley Tryban



Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and Physical Education

from the University of South Florida


Masters of Science in Health Services Administration

from Central Michigan University

Post Grad Certificate in Applied Nutrition

from the Univerisity of Arizona

Certificate in Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition

from Cornell



WellCoaches  Certified Health and Wellness Coach

International Consortium of Health and Wellness Coaches (ICHWC) Certified Coach


Yoga Alliance 200 Hr. Registered Yoga Teacher


AFAA Personal Training Professional Certification


AFAA APEX Group Exercise Instructor

Meet Coach Ashley

Grounded Pada Health is my vision for the future of health care. A future where YOU hold the keys to your healing! In my professional career as a Corporate Health and Wellness Coach, I’ve partnered with thousands of individuals all needing the same thing; to be seen, heard, and understood.


This pattern took me years to see.


My health journey started through exercise. Since I was a kid, I had been an athlete in every sport imaginable but as I entered college and then life after collegiate sports I quickly realized exercise was not enough to make me “healthy”.


I started eating better. Surely “diet and exercise” were enough to start my journey up the corporate ladder and succeeding in relationships and life. Years of salads and still something was missing.


I started to connect the dots.


I decided it was time to bridge physical health and the nourishment of my body with my mental outlook.


I went to a yoga class.


I stared at the clock the entire class. Between fidgeting and regretting my clothing choices; I felt nothing. I retreated home in despair. However, like a lightening bolt, I was so energized I did a month’s worth of cleaning in an afternoon.


A switch had flipped!


 A few years later, I completed my Health Coaching and Yoga Teacher certifications. I felt more whole than ever before! With all of these dimensions sewn together my respect for myself grew.  I found a new balance with work.  I began to find peace in my relationships.


I thought: was “happiness” really this easy?


Step one: exercise regularly.


Step two: honor my temple with proper nutrition.


Step three: believe I am worth every second of this life.


Why then weren’t doctors prescribing yoga or apples at the rate they prescribed antidepressants?


I had stumbled onto something. I had to tell someone.



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