What do you love about you?

Every training I ask my client, "What would you like to work on today?" and the response is normally, "I don't know, whatever."

When did we become so passive about our bodies? When did we start trying to hand over the keys to our health? When did fast food and commercials start telling us how to eat, and magazines tell us how to look? Where did our voice go?

This is why I fell in love with coaching. After the millionth time of "educating" my clients, to no avail, I started to see I was part of the problem. No one can tell you what to do to be "well". No Doctor, no Coach, no one knows you like YOU!

Tomorrow when I start a session with my client I will ask, "What is your favorite part about yourself?" There might be an awkward moment where they are caught off guard and have to think but I am hoping a light bulb pops on as they say, "my legs", or "my shoulders". From here we can start to build their workout together. I want to witness one kind self reflection turn into another. I want to see success breed more success. I want to be there for every setback that makes the success sweeter. This is why I fell in love with coaching.

What do you love about you?

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