The "Reset" Button

First of all, YES, you have a reset button! Every time things get away from you with your job, the kids, your own personal happenings; there is a moment when you take a breath and you have a choice. Do I proceed down this spiral of frenzy or do I press "reset"?

Think for a second. What is my retreat? Where do I go where it is just ME with ME and nothing else matters? This activity, place, or space you create between you and the world is your reset button. Find it, own it, and go to it when ever you need!

Its 10am on a Tuesday and I have already hit mine. When the world starts to take up too many brain waves, my normal retreats are a hot bath or a long run. This morning I lucked out and got both! A long 8 mile run at the crack of dawn with a friend and a long hot shower before work. I would compare this feeling to having She-Ra and Wonder Woman combine forces for an episode of Saturday morning cartoons when I was 9. I feel like nothing can stop me today!

Stomping out the frenzy is fun! The next step today will be playing the game, "how long can I keep my superhuman powers?". The answer is always, "as long as I WANT". The key to success will be staying focused on what I want!

Your success today, and every day, will depend on a few things. Can you recognize when it is time to hit reset? What is you reset? Then, how long will you ride out your high?

Always remember, you are above frenzy. You are worth the time it takes to gather yourself. You will be a better YOU once you have.

Your reset button is always there. Use your powers for good and rock your world today! If you need a sidekick, I am here (please no florescent spandex costumes).

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