Get on the dance floor.

One of my favorite quotes is by H. Jackson Brown Jr. "Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor." It reminds me when I am too comfortable or too scared to try something new I can't be disappointed when only vanilla things come my way. But when I open my boarders, when I travel, when I try something new...Anything is possible.

First let me say, I am guilty of living in my day to day comfort zone. I even get anxiety when I have set the ball rolling on change and I get overwhelmed thinking of every surprise outcome that could result. However, even as I write this I realize, I have no regrets to announce.

Today I woke up in Toronto. A new city in a new country. I tried Airbnb for the first time, an interesting experience. Last night for dinner, I tried duck fat pizza (even though I am trying to eat less meat). Today, I want to try paddle boarding (which is on my bucket list!). My cup runs over with gratitude for our human ability to break the mold and explore our existence.

I think that is the message I am trying to get to today; you are limitless. Every cookie cutter, mold, or corner you have labeled yourself into is NOT permanent.

My homework for you is to give yourself 5 minutes. Either in your mind or on paper explore Who/ What you are. By using the mantra "So Hum", which translates to "I am that" in Sanskrit, start noticing what comes up for you. Emotions can dictate the amount of reserve you have to a role or description. Acknowledging instead of judging your reactions can help you find the translation of yourself that allows you to grow and be free.

Imagine a laughing child dancing on the sidewalk; their mismatched clothes, their messy hair. Try to feel the opportunity that whirls around them that anything is possible today, tomorrow and forever. That is the opportunity I wish for you. Namaste.

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