Roll with it.

With the Labor Day holiday tomorrow and a 3-day weekend, its is amazing to find the inspiration and freedom of an extra personal day. Let's just take 3 deep breaths and savor the feeling of this moment...



...What an amazing energy!

Today's story is about "Climbing the Mountain". Are you thriving? It is estimated that about 10% of our population is thriving in their personal life. Do you have what it takes to make the climb? Lace up the boots, grab the trek poles and lets hit it!

The Hill:

Today started off with a late morning run. Even though I made it out the door, I was still scolding myself for dilly dallying around the house during the cool early morning hours and leaving out the door at near 80 degree heat. The first few miles were great and as the sun got higher I started to melt. Physically and mentally, walk break after walk break; I felt the sense of defeat. I made it back from the X mile trek: tired, thirsty, and red as a tomato.

I'm sure you could share a story with me of a time things were harder than usual. If you take yourself back to that moment, did you give yourself gift of mercy? Did you give yourself forgiveness to end the internal harping of negative comments?

The Peak:

The old me would have let this performance bother my training for weeks; not the new me. By the time I collapsed on my living room floor with a glass of ice water I was able to thank my body for carrying me. I sent out gratitude for ice in my cup and AC in the air. I smiled at the challenge I had been given and the grit I had to have tried in the first place. Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a different energy than the me just 20 minutes before!

The Downhill:

In the evening hours my boyfriend and I decided to roll around town as sun was setting and the temperatures cooled. I roller bladed while he long boarded, gliding down the bike paths and sidewalks, through parks and neighborhoods. The cool air on my skin and the wind in my hair was a far cry from my labored morning run. My mind was calm and free and I couldn't and wouldn't think of anything this body was not capable of. With my previous vow of mercy, I was now limitless. I realize now when my mind and body work together I am capable of anything.

What is your mountain? What self realization strategies will get you to the outcome you strive for? A great quote by John Lennon that I've heard so many times when things get rough is, "Everything will be okay in the end. If its not okay then its not the end.". That is why I love coaching. If you are in the muck, I want to sit there with you. When you've put in the work and you're celebrating your peak, I'll help you eat the cake and put up the streamers. Then when you get to the downhill, well...Just roll with it.

Victoriously coast, my friend, you are thriving!


Coach Ash

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