5 Reasons EVERYONE Needs A Coach

Do you ever go to take on a healthy habit and ask yourself,

“When exactly am I going to have time for this?”

Have you ever thought,

“I consistently take on challenges/ workouts/ diets, and I never follow through. What is wrong with me? The only thing consistent in this pattern is my inconsistency.”

There are more demands than ever on you today. In between soccer practice, dishes, work, and fighting to get 8 hours of sleep; when do you have time to honor your health?

Enter the plug for why EVERYONE needs a Coach.

1. Strength in Numbers

Think about it. You are alone, lost in the woods, and it starts to get dark. Noises start to arise, none of them from you. There is this pit in your stomach of adrenaline which does not feel good. Then you hear a trusted friend call from up the trail. Relief.

That relief is the partnership with a coach. Sometimes the world can just be a lot to deal with. Partnering with a Coach, means just that, a partnership. No longer do you have to be a martyr for the world but you can constructively use this partnership to gain stability on your own legs. Here your able to try something new and stick with it. This partnership gives you accountability and aids in the character building you have been looking for. You will be the lone wolf who found a pack. And with a Coach you will be ready to lead the way!

2. The Safe Space

The thing I love most about coaching is the “Safe Space” it creates for YOU the client. Things you never thought you wanted, things you never thought of doing just surface like bubbles of air when your drowning. With the right partnership, a Coach can hold a space for you that gives you a freedom you never knew you had. A safe space to create, desire, and best of all GROW!

3. You’re Right. Let’s repeat that. YOU’RE RIGHT!

Every good Coach knows the client has all the answers they need. The work is centered around giving you the confidence to dig deep and find them as well as KNOW you KNOW what you KNOW!

Confidence and autonomy can be stripped away when someone is constantly telling you what is good for you. A Coach believes that YOU know YOU best.

During self-exploration in a coaching session you might realize you are amazing at one thing (appreciating excellence, honesty, humor, etc.) but may only be able to see that you have a hard time with something else (organization, judgment, etc.). A Coach works with you on your STRENGTHS. What if the top hurdler in the world was chastised because they were a terrible shot putter? That would make as little sense as beating yourself up about a weakness while all of your amazing strengths gathered dust. Learning together how to find and live in your strengths is a big way coaching is different than any other approach to health.

4. Goal Setting + Goal Experience = Task Mastery!

Let’s go back to the consistency we talked about in the beginning. There is a common saying, “it takes two weeks to form a habit.” However, what happens is we take on flossing everyday ready to change our world and then life gets in the way and we never reach the lifestyle change and maintenance phase where we continue to floss every day for the rest of our life. We only remember the failure and give up on the dream of beautiful healthy gums.

Coaching shakes up that cycle.

This time, you work with your coach to dream and create a goal that is just the right portion of confidence and challenge. You put together an action plan to measure success, and you go on your way to tackle the task. No matter what the outcome, your Coach checks in on your next session.

Here is where the magic happens!

What percent of the goal were you able to complete? What were best practices you learned? What did it feel like when you were able to knock it out of the park?

This feedback you collects makes you more in tune with your character. It aids in using your strengths to string success after success together. It is a proven approach to helping you THRIVE!

5. Sharing YOUR Success

Think of the last time something went AMAZINGLY! You rocked a deal at work. You got a salad instead of a burger for lunch and your favorite song came on the radio like it was meant to be. Who did you get to tell about it? Did you get your chance to SHOUT it from the roof tops and get that internal sensation of accomplishment?

Again, that’s where your Coach comes in. They are there with you!

If it’s a rainy day and you are stuck in the muck, guess who is sitting next to you. But when things go right, that safe space is there to gloat, brag, yell, skip around your living room like a fool, whatever is needed to embrace that moment!

Just like forming a habit, if you give attention to these positive happenings they will continue to repeat. Water the weeds and they will grow, but if you water the flowers instead… Anything is possible.

To find the right Coach I advise thinking about what in your life you are willing to work on NOW. Is it Career Coaching your after? Are you thinking of taking on some healthy habits with Health and Wellness Coaching? Maybe, you are more interested in financial stability and a Money Coach sounds like a partnership you would like to foster.

Whatever it is, search for a Coach by looking at credentials and testimonials. Feel free to reach out to me at GroundedPada@gmail.com if I can be of any help on your quest.


Coach Ashley

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