Falling in love with Fall? 7 new ways to embrace the season

As the temperatures start to wane, the daylight hours grow shorter. There is a smell in the air; a blanket of calm on your skin. With every twist of the road you witness a new color of tree. I can’t quite place the feeling; peace, warmth, crispness… This is fall!

Don’t let the cooler temperatures or rainy nights get you down. Instead, find your reason to celebrate with these 7 ways to embrace the season!

#1 Pull on your favorite sweater

Wool, knit, buttons, even if you are still strutting hoodies around; nothing says fall like a hug from a sweater that has been packaged away since last winter. The warmth of the sun is replaced by its fibers that cradle every inch of you! It has totally forgiven you for packing it away in the basement 6 months ago. Now that you are reunited, savor the snuggles! Don’t have a favorite? My favorite are my frugal finds at TJ Maxx

#2 Start stewing

One of the best presents I ever received was a polka dotted crock pot. Not only because I love polka dots, but it makes hearty meals a snap! Fall Saturdays involve about 20 minutes of prepping veggies in the morning, plopping the ingredients in the pot and then pretending I slaved over it all day come dinner time! Left overs are my favorite and extras can always be frozen if I need to travel. Here is my quick, easy favorite:

Sweet Potato Stew:

2- Large sweet potatoes (or 4 small) chopped

1- Bag of baby carrots (you can cut up your favorite large carrots instead- I just get lazy!)

1- Bag frozen peas

1- Can black beans

1-Tbsp. Butter

1- 32 oz. carton of vegetable or beef broth

2lbs Package Grass Fed Beef Stew Meat (I’ve also made this vegetarian before and it’s YUM!)

Set the crock pot on high for 5 hours or low/ medium to leave it on longer. Combine everything accept the black beans and frozen peas. Plop these in about an hour before serving. Season with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste. Then sit back and enjoy the bright colors, and the warm broth!

Need more ideas? Warm your soul with these healthy soups!

#3 Rich colors that warm your soul

Even if orange isn’t your new black, find the hue that works for you! What about other fall colors like auburn, golden rod or English Vermillion? Yeah, I just looked that up. Think beautiful deep red! Not only do you get to wear and eat these colors, you have license to decorate the whole house or even change your hair color to match! Maybe Burnt Umber or Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown? And yes, Brunettes have way more fun (I’m totally biased!).

#4 Relax the routine

With the time change and kids back in school; what kind of pressure are you putting on yourself? Eat better, get more sleep, catch up on the latest sitcom and remember to purchase snow tires before the weather changes…Sound familiar? Instead embrace your flexibility! Make time for a hot bath or pumpkin picking with the family. Granting yourself mercy and grace will help submerse yourself in this unique season.

#5 Celebrate Transitions!

Stop and smell the…mums? Autumn holds the space between busy summers and cold winters. Enjoy the daily change of the leaves, temperatures, and excitement of the holidays to come!

#6 Stay Rooted

As you center and ground yourself in this beautiful season, don’t forget what made and what makes you YOU! Make plans with your family and friends to spread your love like a morning frost! Small acts of kindness can go a long way in showing someone you care (baked goods are my favorite!). And don’t stop there! Giving yourself moments of morning meditation or a weekly yoga class can fuel your passion and make you the best version of yourself.

#7 Gratitude; give it and get it.

All turkeys aside, this is the season of giving. Giving doesn’t have to mean a 5 course meal or a new car. This season, show your gratitude by putting pen to paper and physically writing out the things you are grateful for. Think about giving your time or volunteering for a cause you care about. A Harvard study says your do-gooder actions not only benefit your chosen cause but your health as well! Remember, every time you give you get. And every time you get, think about giving.

I hope that between pumpkin pie and raking leaves you grant yourself a beautiful moment to embrace autumn in all its glory. Use this season to propel yourself into the enchanting winter to come. Welcome in the wellness and honor your light in the evening hours. Namaste friends! Xoxoxo

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