4 Motivational Tools to Get Going Today!

This year, resolutions are out. Results are IN! Discussions on resolutions start to feel cliché after years and years of talk with little action. Why not shake things up? This year, know what you need to succeed and set yourself up for the real intended outcome: A better, stronger, and wiser YOU!

Why X 5: No, improving mathematical skills is not part of my goals either. But this is a math tip that may improve your reasoning. This scenario happens daily for me with clients. I ask about goals and my client tells me a random number of pounds they want to lose. I know there is something deeper than weight loss my client desires. However, an arbitrary number on the scale is an easier proclamation than an unhappy marriage, a loss of personal identity or finding a newly lit passion for life. The approach is to ask yourself “WHY?”. Then it may come out that they want to appear slimmer; “Why?”…To fit into that dress; “Why?”…Because that’s the dress they wore before their first child was born and life would be so much better if they were that size again; “Why?”…Because they had less responsibilities then and life was easier; “Why?”…BECAUSE, as an adult I feel out of control and frenzied and everyone needs something all the time and I no longer feel connected to myself!!!

That is the power of Why X 5. Exploring the cause-and-effect of why the initial issue is really a problem.

Now you have a real idea of what your goals should be based around. Maybe connecting back to your roots with yoga, or seeing a favorite band in concert would resonate with you. Developing a goal around organization might allow you time weekly for a hot bubble bath or time out with friends. Think of what speaks to your soul rather than what putting on a show for society and you will hit your mark!

Plan Ahead: In today’s technical world, how many of you still keep a pen and paper planner? Do you utilize technology to calm your frenzy with outlook or Google calendars? If so, do you use all the tips and tricks they have to maximize the features?

The newest science in planning advises that you incorporate your goals into your schedule! Going back to the same idea behind the vision board’s success, results state when your desires are in front of you daily you stay on track and manifest your path. If you are a techie, start to incorporate day long reminders such as “Smile”, “Perseverance”, or maybe your favorite quote to add a positive spin to hectic days. If you are still old school like me may I suggest a Passion Planner which includes worksheet for goal planning as well as spots to write in weekly successes. Having all your eggs, personal life, work and your lifelong dreams, in one spot for you to view daily is statistically proven to aid in carrying them out to fruition. Worst case scenario in mixing business with pleasure: You may start to lead with love at work and start to drive your personal life toward results. Sounds like best case scenario to me!

Set your Theme: Just like every good play, movie, book or fancy speech; a theme for your yearly direction is imperative! Again, look back at the last New Year’s resolution that perished. Here’s an example, “I want to see Rome!”. All good till you a month into the year air travel to Italy goes up by 50% and the bonus you thought you could count on is not coming. A task you had assigned yourself to show your tenacity and gain confidence now in December sits like a black X of failure on your forehead.

Take away the pressure but keep the focus on the baseline intention. Rome may have been a symbol of freedom, adventure and a chance to let your hair blow in the wind. Desires you could manifest anywhere! Let’s turn that intention into a success by instead setting the theme to “The year of Travel!”. Air fare goes sky high for a trip to Europe? No biggie, you run off to Mexico for a week. That bonus eludes you? No problem you find a Groupon for a bed and breakfast a 4 hours’ drive away on the coast for the weekend. Maybe even open the sunroof so your hair can blow in the breeze! You and your goal are unstoppable! This growing confidence in your abilities will only aid in your mastery and spill into all areas of your life where” you know who” is driving!

My last tip is DON’T WAIT! Everyone wants to wait for the symbolic start of a new year to start on the quest of self-improvement. However, the greatest thing you can do to improve you; start today. Happy New You my Friends! Namaste. Xoxo

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