The Healthy Girl's Gift Guide

So there is a holiday right around the corner (insert here: Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Sweetest Day, Birthday, etc), and you want to show someone you care. Holler if this sounds about right: You bring home flowers that wilt, candy they regret, and stuffed animals that someday make a trip to the nearest Good Will. Instead, let’s find a gift that says you listen to their passions, you acknowledge their strides to better themselves and you want to reward the amazing light that they are in your life. Here are a few ideas that encompass the most popular themes of sweets, lifestyle and even bling!

Okay, you want to get them something to show how sweet they are. However, they have been on cloud nine with their healthy eating and you want to show you are on their team. Here are a few quick sweets that go deeper than empty calories!

The Presto Pop light popcorn popper: Air popped popcorn is a great healthy snack pick! It cuts your calories by more than half of bagged popcorn which has been found to emit small particles from the material in the bags that has been linked to health issues. Without all the butter and salt a recent Time article states studies that find popcorn healthier and more satisfying than chips (and other common snacks). Personally, this is the popper I have and I am obsessed! Not to mention the money I save from my every-other-day cheap snack!

Vega Shake Products: Everyone who knows me knows I don’t take regular protein or supplements and it is even rarer that I recommend one! That said, when life gets crazy and my morning run turns into a jump in the shower and speeding to work, a quick shake is all I can do! I trust Vega’s products because they are plant based which means sustainable for the planet and tested by athletes so I know I'm on the right track. Also since fiber is the #1 thing you can do for your health, (just ask the Mayo Clinic) Vega has you covered! This brings me to my next obsession…

The Ninja Blender: With its quick cups, I blend it in the cup smack a top on and I am out the door! I love not having to clean a blender when I am done! I use mine for coffee drinks, peanut butter and oat concoctions and of course my Vega smoothies mentioned above (I add extra fruit and some V8 Splash to mine!). This present makes a big statement of understanding to someone trying to stay healthy with a busy schedule!

Endangered Species Chocolate: Now again, a box of chocolates says “regret”. However, a responsibly sourced chocolate bar where 10% of proceeds go to help an endangered species? That says, “I know you care about the environment, so here is a guilt free indulgence to savor”. The story of the featured species is inside the wrapper. I have to admit; at this point I think I have helped save them all! Yum!

A Social Night out at a new restaurant with Groupon: Groupon!

What about a gift for the love in your life that is trying to stay active, centered and focused in their fast paced life? You want to tell them you respect all their sacrifice and intention on making themselves better. Here are a few quick ideas to get your creative juices going!

Oprah’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge: These mini month challenges can help a loved one keep focused on their road to personal health and empowerment. This is a gift that keeps giving. Not only will they be impressed with your thoughtfulness, their mindful practice will aid in them paying that kindness forward to another person in their life!

The Cadillac of all yoga mats, Manduka: When I started yoga I went through a few $15 mats that were flimsy and totally replaceable. The earth minded yogi in me found it silly to be tearing these mats up only to get a new one: enter my first Manduka mat. If you have a yogi in your life, I highly recommend their line of mats. I am so in love with my mat I named it, Matt! With a lifetime warranty, Matt will be with me for the long haul. This was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received and it is something your loved one will truly cherish!

The “hurts-so-good” Trigger Point Foam Roller: Okay, a massage is a pretty cool present but what happens when the knots return? As a runner, lifter, yogi, and self-proclaimed klutz, I use my roller almost daily! It is a permanent fixture in my living room. While it can bring me to tears it can also make me feel brand new after 5 minutes! What wonder drug can say that? This is a great gift to keep the one you care about maintaining their own self-care to keep active and healthy!

And of course, Jewelry!

Jewelry with heart, Trades of Hope: Every holiday, jewelry comes to mind as a gift option. But what makes a piece of jewelry special? What if there was a story behind the gift about aiding women around the world out of poverty by supporting their trade? The thought behind this gift shows heart and will be a story to tell every time they wear it!

Hopefully you found some ideas to think deeper on your gift giving. Make your next gift a reward verse a punishment for those you love! I’d love to hear more about the most thoughtful gifts that you have received or given! Hit me up on Pinterest, Google +, Instagram or Facebook.

Give and get my friends,


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