30 Day Challenge: #GoalsGoingDown

You think you are ready for change? This free, fun challenge is set up give you personal and community accountability on your road to success! Take a quick look at what health coaching is and how we can work together on your growth. These tips are made to help you make your growth a priority!

First Change Your Mindset:

In Coaching, we know our client has all the answers to their problems. Coaches only support clients and team up in finding those answers. The “problem” can be anything that may frustrate a client. For example, “I know I need to eat better to feel better but I do not have the time or energy to cook”. As a Coach, I would support my partner by telling them it is okay to feel this way. They work ## jobs, take care of ## kids and volunteer ## hours per week. There are only 24 hours in each day…Together we work to flip that statement and change our mindset,

“We get a whole 24 hours in each day!”

Then, we set the goal.

Setting Your GOAL:

Now, when it comes to goals (like our eating better example from above) it’s the same deal. Here are our steps:

  1. Find something that speaks to you; something you want.

  2. Make it SMART! Specific, Measurable, Action oriented, Realistic, and Timely. Ex: GOAL: “I want to run faster” vs. SMART GOAL: “I will run a 25 minute 5k in the city open 5k on May 1st.”

  3. Now that you have committed; write down your “WHY”s. Why do you want this goal? These reasons will replace excuses when things get tough.

  4. Figure out the “HOW”. What are your actionable steps you will take to make this goal a reality? Think Environmental (there may be people or situations that could make it harder), think support systems (there may be relationships you will need to lean on), and think mental (Do you have a mantra or past successful experiences to draw from to make this happen?).

  5. Make it Happen Captain!

If it takes 2 weeks to form a habit, 30 days is a great window to develop a healthy habit and test your engine’s power (brain and body!). This 30 day window is a block of safe space for you to experiment in finding and maintaining mastery of this habit leading to personal GROWTH. The ultimate goal!

The Challenge:

The month of April is an amazing month of transition and change. Nature, temperatures, and humans alike start shedding, cleaning and growing! This makes NOW the perfect time for a 30 day challenge! Let me lay out all the details so you can decide if you’re game!

You are responsible for:

Click Here to join and complete your Commitment Form!

After you make your goal, grab your strengths and muscle your way to through to April 30th!

Get Friends, Family and anyone you love to join and grow alongside you! Community is everything!

Report your challenges, and successes to motivate and inspire along your journey tag @GroundedPada on FB and Instagram

The Success Report will be emailed out the last week of the contest for you to brag! By submitting you are entered for the Grounded Pada Prize Raffle!

As your Coach, my responsibilities are:

Acknowledging your goal (and the effort it took to commit to it!)

Connect you to the contest email distro (emails will come from Grounded.Pada@gmail.com), connect on any comments and be your partner in crime!

Pass on information, tips, tricks, or anything you need support wise to succeed!

Let’s do this!

Pass this challenge on to anyone looking for the next step in their growth! Together we are unstoppable, complete your Commitment Form TODAY!

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