Week 2: #GoalsGoingDown: Outline your HOW

Alright, it’s the start of week 2! Exploring your WHY last week got deep. It’s now time to switch over from our emotional brains to our tactical side. Your mission: come up with your HOW!

How will you attack this 30 day goal? HOW will you create this desired outcome you have dreamed of? If you really connected with your WHY then the HOW will SHINE through.

Think about it.

Do you forget your best friend’s birthday? Do you forget to celebrate your partners big job promotion? Didn’t think so. Your WHY in these situations is HUGE! Those who offer us our closest relationships are normally the ones that we connect with, get from, and give to. They are high on our scale of importance. This is HOW you are going to nail this month’s goal; by connecting with it, defining it and focusing in on your plan to carry it out.

Here is your homework for TODAY:

Let’s look at this like a 5 year old’s birthday invitation. No, we will leave Elmo out of this but the logistics are similar. FILL IN YOUR GOOGLE WORKSHEET or old fashion paper and pencil to participate.

WHO: YOU and anyone else involved in your goal. For example if your goal is to spend quality time with your teenage son weekly you can’t really do it without involving him!

WHAT: This is where you insert your “I WILL” statement subject. If you hope to start running 2 x per week then "Running 2 x/ Week" is your WHAT.

WHERE: Here we start to plan. Let’s lay out the physical space you will complete this goal in. You don’t have to know every location you will try to run over the rest of the 30 days but planning your next outing or looking into next week will help set you up for success.

WHEN: What time and on what day will you carve out for you and your goal to…meet? Is this an after-work-on-the-drive-home-stop-by-the-park kind of task? Be reasonable, and plan a time in your day dedicated to this goal you have developed.

WHY: Here insert your WHY from last week. Remind yourself why this goal is important and why it deserves your time, attention, and genuine energy!

I know, as your coach, that YOU know YOU best. You are your biggest obstacle but also your greatest strength! This scenario is similar to a military attack where you already know the ins and outs of both sides. If you know you are a monster in the morning before 3 cups of coffee then you will know NOT to make your morning walk for right when you wake up. If you know you thrive in social settings think about finding a walking group or a friend to hold you accountable. You will want to be honest with yourself throughout this planning process. Be honest about your strengths. Focus in on any positive influences in your environment (the nice weather, a happy friend, and encouraging pup that would LOVE a walk). Lastly, be open. Focus on the intention of this goal and the deeper levels of your WHY. Things may not go 100% the way you plan everyday. By embracing your creativity and honing in on your self-reflections you can take anything these 30 days throws at you! #GoalsGoingDown

Again I encourage you to share these HOWs publicly with loved ones at home or with your social community and tag Grounded Pada Health so I can keep up too! Remember this week, to take 5 minutes per day, maybe with your morning coffee or as your head hits the pillow to plan your HOW into your day/week. Investing this time in your path to your goals will set you up for success!

I enjoyed seeing how invested everyone is in their WHY. This is always the sign of a GREAT goal and I know they will fuel you as you attack week 2!

Go Team!

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