Week 3: #GoalsGoingDown: Find Your Strengths!

We are in week 3 People! Outlining your HOW last week hopefully got you organized. This week we move from the plan to the recruits. When things get tough what characteristics, values, STRENGTHS do you lean on to pull through?

Living in your strengths is one of the most productive things we humans can do. However, do you know what your strengths are? Many of us do not. If we do not know what we instinctually are great at how can we deliberately utilize them to stay STRONG, and CONFIDENT?

Here is a personal example of my own strengths. During my coaching certification I took the VIA strength test. After 5 minutes my results came back that my #1 strength was Judgment. I was embarrassed. The other people in my group had “Kindness”, “spirituality”, “hope”…all these amazing qualities. I took the test again, same result. I seemed to be stuck with it. My heart sank a little. How was I supposed to help people and give them a judgment free safe space if living in my strength meant “Judgment” would be playing a big role in my profession? My answer would be to ignore the years of derogatory contexts I had heard “judgment” discussed in and shine my own light on the areas I could make work for me and my clients. In its definition this strength is for critical thinking and falls under wisdom and knowledge. I found that examining things from all sides, not jumping to conclusions, and being able to be open minded to new evidence to fairly weight a situation would indeed make me a great coach. Living in this strength aids me daily alongside all my others. Knowing and utilizing them has raised my confidence and make me at home in my skin.

This is what I wish for you!

Here is your homework for TODAY:

Let’s find YOUR STRENGTHS! These core elements of you will give you a deeper level of understanding for your goals and round out both your WHY and your HOW.

Fill in your Google Worksheet or old fashion paper and pencil.

Take the VIA Strength Test: Once you take this, print it out and read it through. What are your top 5 strengths?

Yeah, some of these strengths sound familiar? Which strengths resonate with you and why?

How do these strengths add to the values displayed in your WHY for this month’s goal?

When/ where in your quest for this goal can you let these strengths shine?

Id love to hear how taking this test and seeing its results felt to you. What did you learn?

You now know your greatest strengths. My hope is that in honoring these and your unique makeup, you see the gifts you bring to yourself and the world. Seriously, we need all types to make earth turn. It’s strange, but once you know your strengths you start to notice other people’s strengths as well. Maybe you notice that Jan at the office is great with empathy. Your partner might be glowing with kindness. The neighbor down the street always tells you the most interesting facts due to their love of learning. You will start to see what incentivizes those around you, what they hold dear, and even ways you could help them or they could help you. This exercise is a personal introspection and a building process. Use your powers for good to live, love and grow and guess what… #GoalsGoingDown

Again I encourage you to share your strengths publicly with loved ones at home or with your social community and tag Grounded Pada Health so I can keep up too! Remember this week, to take 5 minutes per day, maybe with your morning coffee or as your head hits the pillow to honor your strengths and incorporate them into your day/week. Investing this time in your path to your goals will set you up for success!

I loved reading your HOWs from last week. With the plan set your strengths will only add to your momentum as you take on week 3!

Go Team!

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