Week 4: #GoalsGoingDown Share Your Success!

We made it to week 4! Last week you found and used your strengths. This week we start sharing! Whether we call it karma, giving, or paying it forward our success can easily be someone else’s success if we share how we did it! Just as there is space in our universe for all these amazing people there is also space in it for everyone to succeed and thrive!


Abundance is the idea that you can get all A’s but guess what, your friend can get all A’s too! Their success in no way takes away from your success but it does give the world MORE TO CELEBRATE! More celebration leads to more joy, more love and more reasons to smile; is there anything better?

Not to be a Debbie Downer but human nature will be an obstacle to celebrating success and abundance this week. You will think, “Who cares that I was able to floss every day for 30 days?”, “Who will care that I got my 3 walks in/ week for 30 days?”. My response to you: everyone who loves you! Human nature sometimes hears success and turns out contradicting emotions such as jealously, greed, or sadness. This is due to not believing in abundance, not believing that we can ALL have it ALL!

Think about the last time your best friend got a new car or a promotion. Did you think, “Man, things come so easy to (insert friend), they are always lucking out…” OR did you think, “Wow, (insert friend) has been working so hard. My heart feels so full of joy at the confidence and happiness this has brought them.”. First off, know it is okay to say you thought the first scenario; like I said, human nature. However, just as reaching our goal took focus and training so will the concept of abundance.

Now know that your kids, your partner or your friends on Facebook (if they truly love you) want to celebrate your success with you! Just the fact that you make it public may even inspire them to do some self-reflection and learn from how you did it!

Ready to shout it from the roof tops?!

Here is your homework for TODAY:

Complete your worksheet on Google forms, good old pen and paper, or feel free to email them to me.

What strengths have you used thus far to get you to this last week of the challenge?

Share the full experience of one successful day. What were the sights, sounds, feelings and emotions that got you through it in relation to your goal?

What are the lessons each success has taught you?

Success is yours and the finish line is in sight! My hope is that in celebrating your success you are more likely to repeat them in the future. By celebrating your achievements you will also respond more positively to others and realize that abundance applies to everything! Understanding this alone fuels your success as a human being. This exercise into personal growth actually makes you more human. Use your powers for good to live, love and grow and remember… #GoalsGoingDown


Again I encourage you to share your strengths publicly with loved ones at home or with your social community and tag Grounded Pada Health so I can keep up too! Remember this week, to take 5 minutes per day, maybe with your morning coffee or as your head hits the pillow to reflect on the experience of your success, bringing them into your day/week. Investing this time in your path to your goals will help you repeat success after success!

I loved reading about your strengths from last week. Let your loved ones in on your success and the high alone will fuel you to the finish!

Go Team!

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