#GoalsGoingDown: 30 Days DONE!

We did it. We made it to day 30. One whole month of goal setting, strategy, planning, muscling through and now celebrating! Your homework this time is simple. Answer this one question.

Was it worth it?

Through these 30 days I have asked you about your experience and given you general examples to help you map out your journey. Today, let’s get closer. I will share my journey with you.

My 30 day commitment was focused on my personal yoga practice. A local studio offered a wonderfully priced new student 30 day pass and was running an April Challenge to complete 25 classes in 30 days. As competitive as I can sometimes be I jumped at the challenge.

This may sound very organic, maybe even easy. See a studio, cheap rate, join challenge. However, what if I said I have toyed with the idea of attending classes at this studio for over a year?! Yes! My fear of inadequacy, my fear of not knowing anyone, and yes my fear of my inflexibilities both physical and in regards to my schedule kept me on the sidelines. As a yoga instructor myself, I wondered; would I like these classes? What would the atmosphere be? Would I find anyone who wanted to talk, giggle and just enjoy these classes with me? I feared expending all of this energy on this beautiful mission and having it be a negative experience. After 30 days, I can confidently say it was worth every cent, minute and bead of sweat. And for the bravery to start I have YOU to thank.

So, as a coach, let me walk through this experiment step by step so you know why we did what we did and maybe why you felt the way you did through the experience.

First we teamed up. You realized you were NOT alone. Throughout the challenge you could use me however you needed to. If you only wanted to report your successes; you could. If you needed help hurdling your challenges; I could help. And if you just needed to know in the back of your mind you had someone, I was your girl!

Secondly, you found a safe space to make a goal and explore why it was important to you. You found your WHY and HOW and didn’t give a damn what anyone might think or say about it. You put you first.

Next, you got creative by exploring your strengths and past successes. In doing this, you were able to realize your current path and how to apply them to this new success. Yes, success!

Your last step? SHOUT IT OUT! Share your joy and confidence with the world. With all the bad news out there how great would it be to genuinely share in someone else’s achievement? Give your story and get another’s love and admiration. You are worth it. In savoring this experience and accomplishment it will only engrain in your mind for future successes. This is called “Mastery”.

See, it wasn’t easy. However, was it worth it? What did you learn about yourself in the process? In my own deep dive I learned a few things. My imagination works both ways in the negative and the positive. I must honor both but know that I am strong enough to endure most obstacles. My other lesson is that I thrive in a community. I need to know that putting myself out there with the opportunity to gain friends and experiences is my WIN. In carrying out this challenge maybe the greatest thing I have added to my life is YOU.

Thank you for sticking in this, for pushing yourself and pushing me in the process!

Thank you and congratulations on your mastery. I’m wishing you the best, most beautiful and glorious successes to follow.

Namaste Friend, xoxo

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