Playing "catch up" with Life? Here are my 5 tips to WINNING!

In Health Coaching we talk about Unconditional Positive Regard. We truly believe our clients are doing their very best! As your coach, I am human too. I empathize with the “struggle bus” approach we sometimes take in life. Between bills, errands, family, friends, hobbies and volunteering we are BUSY. Here and there I want to remind you that making life easier is OKAY! Check out a few of my favorite tricks to getting your head above water!

Teamwork is seriously dreamy! I know I preach independence, however, when it all boils down it really does take a village! Learning to ask for help when needed, and letting others live in their strengths by aiding you in a time of need can empower all involved! Teamwork means you return the favor when the opportunity arises so you get the chance to be the SUPER HERO too!

Accountability is huge for me. I tell my clients, “You will give up on yourself before you will give up on someone you care about”. It’s sad, but it’s TRUE! How many times have your plans changed due to the kids or the boyfriend needing you right at that minute! Well, here is your plan to fool proof your appointments. Be accountable to someone. Most recently, I have been setting up Panera dates with my like-minded friend Kate. This gives her a focused time to work on her passions and keeps me from leaving mine by the wayside. Finding someone with a great energy that would also benefit from setting up a coffee work date is a WIN-WIN for sure!

Automation is now my friend. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I fought it long enough!) From someone who easily gets frustrated by technology, automation really helps clean up the week to week and month to month monotony! Automating you bills means never missing a due date. Automating things like birthday reminder and work schedule reminders can save you from last minute mayhem. Make automation your friend too!

You can cut your fat to slim down on stress. This goes for bills, subscriptions, habits, poor dietary choices and even relationships: get rid of the ones that do not fuel you. Be honest, do you need that coffee box that shows up monthly? Do you look forward to that person that never calls unless they need something? Weigh the pros and cons to trim and cater your responsibilities to fit your lifestyle.

Look at your ROI. In business they talk about an 80:20 analysis. There are a couple ways you can view this:

-Look for the 20% of life’s chores that cause you 80% of your strife. And begin your attack there.

-List out all the things you prosper from in your life where you spend your time. Now, rank it as you view its value to you. Can you cut or reorganize anything from the bottom 20% of the list? If you want to keep these things you may want to use your automation skills, teamwork or re-prioritize and simplify here.

Another way to look at ROI is in Return on Intention. For example, my 5 minute morning meditation and my every other day run keep me sane and focused. While these take up my time, the returns I get in health, focus, and sanity are priceless! Watching T.V. on the other hand…Let’s just be grateful the latest Game Of Thrones Season is done (things I never thought I would say!).

When all else fails, take a day! I love this one! Sometimes, life is A LOT! Running around with our capes and scaling towers can leave us feeling like we will never catch up! When I feel this coming on I allow myself to take a day for catch up. Today, I have chosen to take a vacation day in an attempt to catch up on returns, cleaning, cooking and of course my relationship with YOU! 100% worth it!

Take a BIG breath. You can do this! You can take the baby steps needed to simplify your day, week, month, LIFE! As busy as we get, the most important thing is to not forget the true goal. We are all just doing our best to be the healthiest, happiest light we can be! Sending you a HUG!

Namaste Friends!

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