You've got a vision? Let's build a board!

Okay, so we are all about the talk, "Positivity is king"…however, are we narrowing our focus to what we really want…NOW!? If you can tell me your goals are front and center every day then you can move on with your day. If you are like me and maybe life has scattered your SMART goals around the house like dirty laundry then listen up.

Here is a little back story for you. YEARS ago I watched an episode of Oprah where her guest discussed the power of vision boards. This was pre-yoga instructor, pre -health coaching and plopped right in the middle of working 2 jobs and going to school full time. However, I remember the story the guest told about clipping out the image of a house to symbolize her future stability and posting it on her cork board at her desk. Years later, she looked back at the picture to realize she was living in an identical white house down to the golden retriever in the front yard. Creepy, right?!

The power of manifesting our own future is well documented in books like The Secret. However, I want to offer the idea that just prioritizing and devoting energy to building our goals helps we humans literally create our future! Ready to get in on this?!

So that story leads me to today. My vision board, while a little outdated, has a personal check posted to it with a savings goal I recently read on my bank statement. There is a picture of my sister and I riding horses. I posted this picture when my sister was in a rough patch with no horses however now offers riding lessons with her 7 horse herd! There is also a picture of my Grandparents farm I placed on the board to symbolize staying grounded…Last month, my grandmother in her will offered me the option to buy said farm. Again, creepy, right?!

Okay, so now this board, my goals, my future is due for an update. What better way to motivate myself then to work you through the process too. Ready to team up?

The Set Up:

It’s easy to say, “grab some magazines and get clipping!” That’s how I started my first one, however, yoga and coaching have taught me the setup is the foundation! First step is always time. Give yourself the gift of 2 or more hours on your calendar. Block off life for a chunk of time that is yours to devote to this process. When the timing is right, think of starting this personal hiatus with one or a few of the following:

-Meditate, ask yourself “What do I want” or “So Hum…” I am… Listen for the answers to find a genuine pure space to start to create your future.

-Complete some worksheets to get your mind right. Laying out what is important to you will ground you all the way down to your fiber, morals and virtues. Activities like strength surveys or personality tests can be fun too! Here are a few of my favorites:

-Creative activities (drawing, singing, listening to music, practicing your own yoga flow) can aid in you building a concrete mind and body to start your exploration!

Feeling grounded in your soles? Let’s get to work!

Plan your method:

You know you! What will you enjoy building and viewing day in and day out? Are you a screen person drooling over Pinterest every day? Building a board there and maybe creating a screen saver out of major focuses each month could be an option. Maybe you are the scrapbooker that creates visual masterpieces with your hands. For the peeps who think they would like to skip the ribbons and frills a white board, dry erase markers and magnets may be a great spot to start!

We have found our space…NOW let’s fill it up!

Remember you have to feel it to manifest it. Find images, words or quotes that speak to YOU. I don’t want to lead you with too many examples but know if a butterfly reminds you of a trip to Mexico you want a repeat of, or if a quote hits you and tells you to walk confidently into your day feeding your soul; this is what you are looking for! Lastly, prioritize your future by placing it somewhere you see it daily. Picking one picture or focus per week or month to prioritize can help gain momentum as well.

As with anything, be careful what you wish for. Your time and energy determine your direction. I wish you the most beautiful path “imaginable”. Feel free to email me with your stories of success, I’d love to hear how you manifest your goals!

Namaste, xoxo

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