Listen, Love, Repeat. 15 Songs to put feel-good in your flow!

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What is the last BEAUTIFUL thing you heard? Was it the sound of birds… maybe a baby laughing…maybe it was the sound of your morning coffee brewing. Whatever it was, the way your ears savored that sweet, sweet sound is exactly what I do in Yoga class.

There is something about yoga practice that engages your sense to almost a foreign heightening. Its as if you can FEEL what you HEAR. There are a few things that intensify this sensation:

  • Who came to class today? Energy is everything and everyone in your class adds or subtracts from the vibe. However, that said I am YET to have a student that doesn’t feed the class with great energy!

  • The environment helps set the mood. Privacy, lighting, space all aid in a successful “Letting Go”.

  • Is the teacher GIVING what you came to get? Energy matching through voice and vocal cues as well as wandering around being accessible to students are ways Teachers can spread their own love!

  • The MUSIC! Need I say more?

Obviously, I can’t control who comes to my classes (though I feel like they are all handpicked pearls!), a flickering light or a cold draft. However, I can control the energy I feed the room and a BIG part of that is the love and care I put into my playlists. The hearing, feeling, seeing, being is AMPLIFIED when the waves meet the moves! When a whole class flows together with the beat, there is an intoxicating high…#NailedIt

If you are looking for some new tunes to move to, feel free to check out some suggested beats below. I took a playlist of favorites and put them on random shuffle so there is little rhyme or reason but a great lesson in “Let Go and Flow”! This playlist was created on Google Music who give subscribers their first month free!

Enjoy xoxox

  1. We Are The Hearts By EXGF

  2. Roses (feat. ROZES) By The Chainsmokers

  3. Something About You (ODESZA Remix) By Hayden James

  4. Gone By Jack Johnson

  5. Be There By Krewella

  6. Dancing In The Dark (from the “Home” Soundtrack) By Rihanna

  7. Location By Khalid

  8. Ma Durga By Krishna Das

  9. Hold Back The River By James Bay

  10. Give me Something By Jarryd James

  11. Stoned On Shiva By Steve Gold

  12. Love is Alive By Louis The Child

  13. Gooey By Glass Animals

  14. Let The Drummer Kick By Citizen Cope

  15. Higher Love By Lisa Williams

Hit me up if you are on Google Music! Hope to HEAR from you soon!

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