Goal Getting Gear for 2018: check out my must have list!

Another year wrapped up neatly in a red bow; all this as we start to peak into the next! As a Capricorn, I enter the year with a new age, a new perspective and lots of lessons learned.

These last few years, YOU have played a huge part in my growth and I send you gratitude daily! Feel that? Good vibes headed your way NOW!

Thank You!

All the mushy stuff aside, I’m seeing 2018 as a year to “Be Prepared”. I’m excited to take on this journey at your side! As we prep and pack to take down some goals this year, check out my healthy habit survival kit!

Each item has something that will help you reach your goals of staying active, healthy, eating better, getting outside your comfort zone and traveling to new lands! If you think of something I missed shoot me a note! Happy Hunting!

You can click on any image to check it out!

*These are affiliate links that invest back into Grounded Pada promoting companies I personally use and LOVE. Thank you for using and sharing them!

Keep Your Organizational Goals:

Get planning, passionately with the 2018 Passion Planner. Why do I love and personally use this planner? One, it gets me! Every month is set up with a calendar, a day to day, as well as my year and short term goals. I was never able to keep a planner routinely until I started with passion planners Classic size journal (they also have compact size!). Now, I look forward to every Sunday when I plan for the week ahead. This company also gives back, every planner you buy allows them to donate one to someone in need. This is a product that truly makes me feel good. You can ask my boyfriend, I drooled when my new one came in the mail last week!

FreshBooks helps keep you on your financial goals for the year! Is this the year you step up from the excel sheet to really taking control of your finances? Maybe you or your partner has a side hustle or run your own business and could use help tracking. Fresh books keeps everything straight so you have time to celebrate your hard work!

Keep your activity goals:

Brooks running shoes have literally carried me through years of my life. I recently was lucky enough to go to a Brooks event and hear the passion their employees have for their products. If you are a neutral runner or walker like me I highly recommend the Brooks Ghosts for long hauls and the Brooks Launch for lighter mileage (Not sure what “type” of shoe you need? See my Shoe Guide Blog). Hoping many of your memories this year are made on the run…or at least on the move!

Fitbit will keep you on track for your step goal. My favorite is the feature that buzzes 8 hours out of the day to make sure you are accruing 250 steps/ hr. This keeps me in check when it tells me I need to move! I personally wear the Fitbit Alta. It is a little more feminine and has a removable band (past models I had ripped, now I can just replace the band and keep walking!). I know the Fitbit brand inside and out so if you have questions on the model you are looking into hit me up, I’d love to help!

Get Gym Confident with Reebok. As sponsor of Spartan Obstacle Races and Cross Fit, Reebok has created the gear active women want to wear! I’m eyeing a pair of Nano 5.0 cross training shoes!

Travel more and try new things:

With Groupon do something new, eat somewhere new and save money while you are at it! I have found many new restaurants, and made new memories with fun activities I may have never tried otherwise. Groupon is a great way to break up the normal and save some money to boot!

This Scratch off map of the world just got added to my wish list! Traveling is always an amazing goal to set but now you can continue to celebrate where you have been AND where you are going! Love, Love, Love this idea!

Audible to the rescue for long car trips! As a new user of audible I have caught up on so many books on my long drives home to see family. Getting to travel, learn and listen…Does it get any better? Oh yeah, first month is free!

Keep your goals for reaching your personal best:

Clean Quick Nutrition with Vega has saved me from some poor choices on the go. If it’s a busy day where I am running out the door I still have time to make a quick shake and feel good about it's plant based orgins. Have a few extra minutes to blend it? Tossing in some frozen fruit is a yummy addition! Also, think about it. In 2018 if we can eat cleaner and closer to the ground (PLANT POWER!) we can save our health, save some animals and maybe even the world. Think BIG!

Stay hydrated with the Contigo 24oz water bottle. I have 3 of these bottles and they go everywhere with me! I never have leaks, I can clip them to the outside of my lunch bag and the best part is they are the easiest to clean! I will never use another bottle- saving money and the planet...WIN WIN!

The Garmin Forerunner 35 was a birthday present this year that really got me moving! It has heart rate monitoring and a really cool app I can track all my results (HR, cadence, pace) on my phone with Garmin Connect. I’ve never been super techy with running but I was impressed with my stats from treadmill runs and outdoors alike!

The Manduka pro mat is the Cadillac of the yoga world. It is the last mat you will ever need with a lifetime warranty from an eco conscious company! My mat is actually named "Matt" and he is my BFF. This is a product I am not only happy to sweat my soles to but also love to recommend to my friends. You will love its durability, color options and how great it feels in down dog when you finally have some traction! Your shoulders will thank you!

No matter your goal, I know you will not only survive 2018 but THRIVE! Remember, if you need additional resources to make this year YOURS get a coach! I would love to help you find the right coach for your goals (Financial, Running/ Exercise, Nutrition and Health, Relationships, Beauty or Career).

Now through the first week of February I am running a 12 week New Year Tune Up with MORE. Check it out here! This is a great introduction to health coaching and goal setting that will get you revved to life life in a higher gear!

Life is too short to sit by the sidelines.

Join the dance!

Sending you my love and light! xoxoxo

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