The Best Sports Bra Blog: Find the bra you need for your next workout!

Why write a blog on the best sports bras out there?

It is my opinion that active women are confident women. Confident women make this world turn. Therefore, it is my goal to figure out how to help MORE women MOVE! It all starts with a great bra!

After thousands of trainings, coachings and girl-talks; I have realized the importance of exercise bras!

The best sports bras for running can make a women glow as she races toward her goals and a bad one can stop her from even toeing the starting line.

As a flat chested- boy built- tom boy myself, bras have always been a necessary evil. Especially as a frugal college kid buying cheap equipment for my ladies I never knew the importance of a quality sports bra.

However, over my years of running, lifting, yoga and coaching I now have a quality collection. That said, I know variety is the spice of life and the active women of the world are no exception! I sent out a request for reviews from some of the active ladies I am lucky to know and they accepted the challenge!

By sharing experiences, tips, tricks and advice I hope every woman can stay sweaty, active and moving toward their goals!

Let’s find the best bra for your activity and what bras are best for your impact level; see what our panel of ladies recommend, and get your gear!

*Heads up, some links below are affiliate links so thanks ahead for supporting Grounded Pada by clicking through!

Best Bras For High impact Workouts

The best bras for high impact activity cover anything that may involve jumping or both feet off the ground at the same time. This makes these the best sports bras for running, basketball, tennis, CrossFit and HIIT (YES! These are great bras for High intensity interval training!).

“My hitt training is when I need a good bra the most because I do a range of things from boxing to jump rope, jumping jacks etc.” -Rachel

C9 Women's Power Shape™ MAX High Support Front-Close – Front Close bras offer the sexy cleavage look with Champion support. This Target bra is best for A-D cups.

C9 Champion® Power Core® Max Sports Bra – We found bras from Target and Amazon rocked our survey. This Champion Bra is best for A-D Cups.

Moving Comfort- Fiona sports bra –Thicker straps can show through normal clothing but this bra is perfect for active wear! Best for all sizes! Women of all sizes will fall in love with the Moving Comfort brand!

Panache women’s underwire sports bra- This Amazing high impact bra is a splurge, however, this exercise bra for plus size women consistently rates high with curvy women who want serious support!

Glamorise No Bounce Cami Sports Bra – This is the best high impact sports bra for large breasted women (all the way up to F and beyond). "It does have a higher neck so it will show with lower cut workout shirts." -Teresa

Sports Bras for Medium Impact

Get prepared for any activities in the middle (somewhere between Jumping and yoga) and fall into our best bras for medium impact support. Now, if you are an A or B cup this may be the area you live in!

C9 Seemless Racer Back Sports Bra- This Target sports bra came up twice on our review! A-B cups agree it is the best bra for running all the way down to yoga while C cups and above agree its comfy and is the best bra for low impact workouts and casual outfits.

Reebok Women's Running Essential Sports Bra- Our panel deemed this the best bra for weights and cross training! This bra is stellar for any exercise outfit or workout. No wonder why Reebok is the official sponsor of Cross Fit and Spartan obstacle races. Here, you can conquer the Olympic Lifts or the Elliptical. Watch out world, here we come!

Great Low Impact Bras for Casual Outfits, Yoga and Errands

Lower impact activities are great for the body and for sweating but may not require the straight jacket support for your breasts. Could you imagine your yogi corpse pose if you could barely breathe? Think about a relaxed casual outfit Saturday of errands or a hatha yoga class!

C9 Champion Women's Power Shape Strappy Back Sports Bra “I was surprised at how well this low impact bra supported me for activities like Yoga and low-impact body-weight exercises...and the straps are pretty!” -Courtney

Low impact- Old Navy active brand – JC and Rachel both agree on this one. For fun, low impact and low price workout gear this line is great!

Playtex 18 Hour Active Lifestyle Wire-Free Bra – Comfortable exercise bra for plus size women and can even be worn as a casual outfit bra for running errands!

How about some advice from some of our panel of amazing Bra Experts!

"What I've learned is not to be afraid to buy a bra only to throw it away if it's uncomfortable after actually using it. Sometimes things that felt comfortable in a fitting room didn't actually function the way I'd hoped.

The upside to this is that once I find a brand and/or model I love, I feel more confident while wearing it, because I don't have to think about it. I want a bra where I can forget about my boobs while I'm exercising!

I've also learned to love the zipper front-closure simply because it's so much easier to take on and off. I always look for high impact bras because then I know that no matter which activity I'm in the mood for, I'll be supported. I can't in good conscience ever recommend anything without some kind of adjustable straps" - Courtney

"My advice to women is to choose clothing that fits your body, that you are comfortable moving in, sweating in and being in- period! Exercise is already uncomfortable, so being in the "hip" "name brand" clothes that you are uncomfortable in but paid a lot of money for and feel like you have to wear it is just ridiculous." – Rachel

"Ask fellow runners or go to a store that specializes in bra fitting to make sure you get one that works for you! It makes a difference to be comfortable when on the move!" - Dani

"Ask a woman who is the same chest size as you and looks happy as hell while working out for advice. Shop sales so if you spend money on one you don't like donating it after the fact isn't a big deal (there are breast cancer centers that take bra donations!)" -JC

Alright ladies, see you on the move!

Namaste xoxo

Coach Ash

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