Grounded Grooves: Your next workout playlist!

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For the people who jump into my classes (HOLLA to my crew at work!) they know the music will be an experience all in itself. Workouts should be sweaty but the workout playlist makes it bump!

Nothing lights me up as bright as when someone says:

“Hey Ash, what was that one song…”

“Dang, I haven’t heard that song in forever! That’s my JAM!”

“That song totally worked! I pushed it to my MAXX!”

You might as well have bought me a Jack & Coke at the bar and told me I was pretty!

I take that much pride in my playlists!

My creative juices pump when I find new music or a new twist on an old favorite, or what the heck, find a solid spot to plug in some AC/DC.

Let me give you a little disclaimer for the beats you are about to hear:

-There may be “minimal” swears. I say this because in my spin classes if I can yell over it, it can stay. I do not include music that A) Doesn’t have a positive message or B) Is over the top profane (my personal pump mix is another story...)

-I am eclectic when it comes to tunes. You might catch me listening to techno followed by Indi, topped off with country. That said most of this list is “SHE RAA Inspired” #SHERO (lots of female vocals) and has either a dance beat or is a struggle song (think spin bikes with the most resistance you can muster).

I’d love to hear what you think! Hit me with a “Yeay” or “Nay” so I know if you are vibing to what I'm putting down! I put these mixes together on Google Music which gives your first month free.

This workout playlist should keep you busy for 1hour! SWEAT! A great spin playlist too!

A-Yo By: Lady Gaga

Crying in the Club By: Camila Cabello

Whatever it takes By: Imagine Dragons

Waking up Lions By: Pop Evil

Fever By: Family Force 5

Pushing On By: Oliver$

You Don’t Know Me (Feat. Raye) By: Jax Jones

Like That By: Bea Miller

Legendary By: Welshly Arms

The Beautiful People (Burlesque) By: Christina Aguilera

Rise Up By: Imagine Dragons

Run For Cover By: The Killers

Heat By: Kelly Clarkston

The Champion (feat. Ludacris) By: Carrie Underwood

I’m A Lady (from SMURFS: THE MOVIE) By: Meghan Trainor

Smoke Clears By: Andy Grammer

Kill Em With Kindness By: Selena Gomez

*A little cool down jam to make you smile!

Happy sweat session!



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