Change is F#@%ING SCARY: Tips to challenge, change and create!

We all work right? Yeah, get it ladies!

Some of us are in careers we love, some may be just paying the bills. However, some of us may be in jobs that zap us dry.

This blog is for YOU!

My friend Courtney inspired this blog when I found out she was making a HUGE career shift. I was curious and I know you would be too. How did she get up the courage? When did she know it was the right time? You can check out our conversation at the end of this segment. However, first I want to set you up to think about your own career and maybe your attitude toward change as a whole. You can check out some set up tips to help you through and then you can check in on Courtney’s success!

When I think about career choices a few phrases come to mind:

“Time is money”

“If you are not working on your dream you are working on someone else’s”

“Do what you love and love what you do”

My problem with these quotes is that it’s always famous millionaires spouting them. If we manifested them overnight I doubt anyone would be cleaning motels, flipping burgers or going back to work in their corporate nightmare the very day their maternity leave is up.

Instead, let’s be practical. Sure somewhere a tropical island with a fruity drink is calling, but we know that our work makes us better people somehow, some way (even if the only ray of sunshine is your epic coworkers). In some small way we make the world turn. If you can’t see how you fit into that, then once again,


I’ve got three areas to discuss on the issue of Occupational Wellness:

-Your Time

-Your Environment

-Your Choice

Let’s explore!

Your Time:

You know we all get the same amount of hours in a day, days in a week etc. Then how do some women solve world issues while some of us are just trying to figure out how to make time for a coffee date? When if comes to a job you are sharing your life with it. You end up investing years of your life to it. As Courtney says in her interview, “is it worth it?”.

Your Environment:

This goes along with our next discussion on choices but Courtney talks about a stressful work environment in her corporate setting. She has spent the last few years refusing to let a machine driven culture keep her spinning her wheels. She took up running and a vegan diet to counter the hours of sitting. She also joined her corporate wellness center to get a convenient workout in before, after or on a lunch break from the job. Now, in her new position she already has mapped out running routes and is ready to keep up her choice to make her environment work for her. How do you create your healthy environment at work?

Your Choice:

Ultimately Courtney give us three options:

1) Embrace the SUCK! If your job stinks, you can just decide to sit in it as is.

2) Accept what it is and make the most of it. Try to live in your strengths where possible and choose how you react to things that happen.

3) Change it!

Are you ready to hear what Courtney has to say? Enjoy our conversation on Career Choices, Career Changes and her advice for making your next change HAPPEN!

Check out Courtney and her Crazy Cool Change Interview!


Namaste Friends,


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