CONFIDENCE. Find it with this playlist

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Most of my clients are women. You know what their #1 ask is? CONFIDENCE.

Our conversations normally start with:

“If I lost the weight…”

“If I ate better and was more active…”

“If I could speak my mind or ask for help…”

“If I was in a relationship…”

“If I could only love myself…”

Even if you are confident, worldwide culture gives us a image to “live up to”. A code we have to “obey”. A code we didn't make and never agreed to. But after 30 years I found a secret, want to hear it? Lean in… Listen up…Here goes…

You get to do, be, want whatever the hell you want. If you choose to lead, you make the rules.

Ladies, all this time we spend hating our reflection, our voice, our bodies: we miss out on sharing our light with the world! Every moment we don’t know our power or don’t acknowledge our strength we diminish our own purpose. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are the only YOU. Know that you are enough, more than enough. You are EVERYTHING.

Once you feel this, believe this, KNOW this; you will change the world.

You have heard me say a million times; it’s not about the weight. It’s not about the belly. It’s not about having more time. The question is, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT? If everything was EXACTLY how you wanted it, where would YOU take YOU?!


Take a minute. Hit me with 5 things that put you in SHE RA MODE (Any He-Man watchers out there?). Here is mine:

1) A great pair of leggings (look out for my next blog on athleisure!)

2) A killer yoga class- a 5-10 minute Savasana can set you up to slay the day!

3) Drake's Nice For What video featuring some EPIC Ladies (*warning, explicit but Tracee Ellis Ross is one of my favs!)

4) A great hair day

5) Watching a Fiona the hippo clip on FB ( #TeamFiona)

(sorry, had to plug in #6 too...Waking up before my alarm starts my day with a major win!)

Share yours in the comments or on Grounded Pada's FB!

Before your next interview, or maybe a killer workout (or fill in the blank with the next moment you will need to rock the world's socks off) I urge you to create your confidence mix that makes you QUEEN OF YOUR WORLD.

You know I don’t swear just to swear; HOWEVER, sometimes you gotta get it out. This mix does include “expressive” songs so listen at your own risk! Here are a few of my suggestions!

All you Mamas, Queens, Fierce Fun Females… this mix is for YOU:

*Warning I will place a * next to explicit songs. Feel free to search for “remix” or “radio edit” for cleaner versions on your streaming service. Try Google Music for a month free!

Blow Your Mind (Mwah)* by: Dua Lipa

Hurts* By: Emeli Sande

Bad Girls By: M.I.A.

Dangerous Woman By: Ariana Grande

Next To Me (there is also a Kendrick Lamar Remix) By Emeli Sande

Flawless (there is also a remix with Nicki Minaj)* By Beyonce

Fall in line (Feat. Demi Lovato) By Christina Aguilera

Most Girls By Hailee Steinfeld

I’m a Lady (From Smurfs!) By Meghan Trainor

Instructions (Feat. Demi Lovato & Stefflon Don) By Jax Jones

Nice For What* By Drake

Tip Toe By Tamar Braxton

Sober By Lorde

Run the World By Beyonce

Confident By Demi Lovato

Dinero (feat. DJ Khaled & Cardi B) By Jennifer Lopez

Yoga By Janelle Monae

Solo (Feat. Demi Lovato) By Clean Bandit

Know No Better (Feat. Camila Cabello, Travis Scott…) By Major Lazer

Nights With You By Mo

You Don’t Really Know Me By Jessie J

Rise Up By Andra Day

Alright ladies, go beat down doors, break glass ceilings, inspire, create and best of all spread your light and love.

You can find these songs and more on Google Music. You can search this public playlist or click through CONFIDENCE. Get Some Ladies.

My light honors your light (or if you speak Sanskrit, Namaste)!

Coach Ash

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