Athleisure: Clothing to keep you stylish and moving!

Ever ask for more TIME in your day? Many of my clients say this extra time is what they would use to take care of themselves should it ever fall from the sky.

Well guess what ladies, today we CREATE time!

I have one word for you,


Yes, this monumental shift in fashion from corsets to comfort is going to give us agility, flexibility and yes MORE TIME! Curious how, listen up!

This whole blog idea started with two members I was teaching yoga to. The two busy women had made a half hour block between meetings, family and life to get to the gym and gift themselves time to practice.

The conversation was more like brainstorming, really. Yoga made them feel great, it made their days go smooth and made them kinder to their cubicle foe…How could we make this happen more? Where could we find the time?

“What if…” we started spouting:

“…we blocked our calendar out every Wednesday butting our yoga time up to our work schedule”

“…we saved time by wearing our yoga clothes into work”

“…we didn’t get too sweaty where we didn’t have to shower or do our hair”

What if, we didn’t have to change.


Yes, yes, yes. Ninety percent of the time I am ALL ABOUT SWEATING, however, what about those days when its get out for a walk, do 15 minutes of stretching, or do a wall sit with your lap top OR NOTHING? Those days, it comes down to move it or LOSE IT! This could mean losing your temper with a coworker, telling your boss what you REALLY think or just unloading on your partner as soon as they unknowingly ask, “How was your day?”.

These tips are for THOSE days.

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I’m not talking about see-through spandex or velour track suits (but if you work from home, amen). I am talking about cowl neck sweaters and crop business looking pants you could also do the slits in (because you know your pants are the only thing holding you back…right?).

Think about it. We women have put up with stilettos, thongs, and the questions guys would never ask, “is this blouse too sexy”. Basically, do I look SO good in this outfit that it might raise alarm or attention? I say, take advantage of this athleisure movement for all it’s worth while it lasts.

It’s our turn to be comfortable, confident and ON THE MOVE!

Below I will introduce you to a few brands to look out for in every price range. But before splurging on pricier wardrobe additions, take note of these base tips:

-Buy base layers like light long sleeve Ts and fitted tank tops to fit under every outfit (Target basics are my favorite for this). Some comfy leggings to throw on the bottom half work perfectly too. Make sure you are bending over in the dressing room light to make sure they are NOT see-through! This layering makes it easy to remove the top vest, sweater or blouse for some quick sun salutations as needed!

-Get a good deodorant that will not transfer to your clothing with your costume changes. I go natural with Arm & Hammer with no aluminum and LOVE the stuff

-Find fabulous footwear that can ground any outfit and would encourage a half mile walk for some sunshine at lunch. That said, another great trick is just to leave a pair of sneakers under your desk and just throw fashion to the wind! A lot of brands are coming out with “lifestyle” versions as we speak!

-For your bottoms, remember the rule of yoga “we bend so we do not break”. The same thing should go for your seems. Dressing room dancing is encouraged to make sure your bottoms can stand the test of walking the stairs, a few down dogs for energy or a little barre time!

-Worried about not looking classy enough for your office? Mix and match higher price luxury items along side budget friendly brands. Pick an item you are really passionate about and spend money there. Example, I splurged on a pair of Prana tights that ended up staying in my rotation 8 years! Not looking forward to the picking and choosing? Sign up for Amazon Wardrobe or Stitch fix to meet your fashion needs.

-When in doubt, throw on a dress. If you wish you can throw some thigh length shorts and a fitted tank below for a Super Woman worthy wardrobe change! Champion at Target makes some great high and medium rise options. Goodbye Spanx, hello function!

-Speaking of function, don't forget your Fitbit. I've tried all kinds of wearables and I keep coming back. My Alta keeps me moving throughout the day (buzzing for me to get my 250 steps per hour) and keeps me fashionable whether at the gym or a wedding with fashion forward changeable bands.

Lets dive in to my Fit Fall Athleisure Picks!

Here are a few of my favorite splurge companies:

Alo yoga





Sweaty Betty

The pants that started it all! That conversation I mentioned with my students, yup, all started because I was wearing my Prana Pillar Pants ! Looking for a chic office update? Check out the Briann Pant. Prana takes pride in making their clothes so flexible you could literally climb mountains. Watch out corporate ladder!

I love these Urban Moto Sweat pants! Imagine them matched with a flowy tank or sweater and a pair of ballet slippers or Sperrys and you are ready to rule the office in comfort!

Fall is coming (yes, winter after that!) and yes the office gets cold! Heat things up with this long ID Reversible Hooded vest from Adidas. Over top a light, colorful long sleeve and fitted jeans or leggings and you are both cozy and fiercely ready for a fall walk! Oh, and with that much length, add some boots to give you a leg up on the day!

This Hinoki Pleat Tee from Sweaty Betty is equal parts yoga class and board room ready! I love the loose fit feel laced with an aura of professionalism. It is screaming to be paired with a comfy skirt with leggings!

Swissvale Bomber Sweater ($148) from Athleta is a warm cozy comfort away from home. Pair it with a color filled fitted outfit to add some flare! This is your “not to be messed with” look!

The embrace dress from Athleta will keep you ready for a meeting and wear a fitted tank and some leggings under so you can get in a confidence boosting yoga flow before!

The Sugar Pine Dress ($89) from Prana has it all. I cant say enough how much I love Prana as a clothing line, a sustainable company and a community steward. Their clothes literally give me LIFE! Please check out their whole line and keep the mission moving!

On a budget? Here are my favorite sites for the same brands but maybe last year’s gear. This helps me save money, stay fit and stay lookin’ good! WIN-WIN-WIN!

Look at stores and sites where overstocks, clearance and last years models go. Here are a few of my favorites:

*I find all kinds of loot here like Oiselle, North Face, Marmot and Merrill and almost always on sale!

*Shop and search for brands like Alo, Prana, Adidas, Asics, Brooks, Marmot Merrell, Toad&Co, Ugg and Under Armour all on sale or discounted prices!

Tj Maxx:

*I'm obsessed. Here find one of my favorite Canadian brands Modetta, Betsy Johnson, and possibly Athleta, all on clearance prices!

Road Runner Sports:

*Their R gear series is a great value for the quality! This is also my favorite place to get my running shoes hands down! Can you say 90 day no ask return policy with their VIP program? #Heaven

Duluth Trading Company

*The home of the NoGa Pant and the No Yank Tank! They really get active women! Caution, their sizes run a little big!

Alright Ladies, WOW your world. Step out the door with the confidence you can make any moves needed to win your day! Go get em'!


Coach Ash

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