19 Products For All Your 2019 Goals!

Want 19 products to fool proof your health in 2019?...Yes, please!

Every January I see members at work I haven’t seen since the year before. This smiling energy bound and determined to make this year THE ONE! Its hard to believe Over 90% of New Year Resolutions fail.

What sets the 10% apart?

Behavior change.


If you have read my blog before you know I like to skip to the tips, tricks, and science that will help my reader wade through the trial and error and get to progressing on their goals. That’s what is in store for today!

Over a decade in the health and fitness arena and I have literally tried it ALL. Anything from weighted hula hoops to shake weights; I have seen it!

Here is my list of products I use, I love and I know you will too! Whether 2019 is your year to get fit, eat better or reduce stress these are my go tos!

Two disclaimers before we start:

*A little tough love. The most amazing products will only work if you USE THEM. Setting a physioball in the corner of the room will not give you a 6 pack. The spring mix salad going bad in the back of your fridge will not help you lose weight. You must gauge your motivation, make a concrete goal, make the investment and DO IT.

*Secondly, this blog contains affiliate links to companies I am passionately part of. Clicking through helps GP at no cost to you and I appreciate your support!

19 products to make 2019 yours! Here we go!

Get Fit:

Keep in mind, we all have strengths and things we are looking to get from our fitness routines. What is yours? What would get you excited to get out of bed in the morning? Living in these truths can help us succeed! Take the tips that resonate with your ideal routine and leave the rest!

1. Fitbit

Accountability is probably the #1 thing my clients come to me for. If you are looking for a bossy nag to move 8 hours a day or keep you honest about your daily movement, then a Fitbit is for you! I use my Fitbit to tell me when I've been sitting too long at work or when I've had a lazy day of blog writing to get up and move! My Alta vibrates at the top of every hour for 8 hours every week day if I have not gotten my 250 steps. I find myself marching while brushing my teeth if I haven't reached my 10k step goal each day. That said, I think it's doing it's job!

2. Brooks running shoes

I've been running since I was nine years old. My favorite part of running is the low cost and high reward nature of the effort. The only equipment needed is a good pair of running shoes and you can literally run the world! I've worn many brands over the years but in my years of coaching runners when trying on all the option they tend to gravitate toward Brooks. The quality design and models for every foot type and mileage goal makes this brand my recommendation! Find the best Brooks model for you first. You can read my blog on shoe fitting or skip right to Road Runner Sports Fit Finder

3. Manduka Yoga Mats

Not only am I a yogi but I also care as much about the environment as I care about my downward dog. Manduka as a company is not only eco conscious but they build a mat with a lifetime warranty! No more of the $10 mats that get dirty and chewed up and thrown out to buy another. Practice care and loyalty in your practice with a mat that will never let you down from a company doing their best to support our world. I personally have the Manduka Pro mat but have friends with the prolite who will love their mats for life!

4. Prana

When we look good we feel good but when we are wearing clothes we can move in we are more likely to MOVE! That is the kind of lifestyle Prana promotes. I could have slipped this one under the stress reducing header seeing with these clothes doing double duty on work and workout reduces your loads of laundry! A few favorites: For Yoga the Pillar Pant and for work, the Briann Pant

5. Trigger Foam Roller

Whether you are a Zumba aficionada a runner or just walking the dog; this will change your life! I hear you, I was skeptical too. However, the truth is with all the sitting, driving and couch surfing we do our muscles need a roll. Spending 15 minutes of TV watching time to roll around on the floor with this roller will help improve your posture, reduce aches and pains and it serves as a great core workout! My members have reviewed this as, "Magic". If you spend the time, you can melt your aches and pains! I like this size because I can take it with me on car trips! Skeptical? Check out this article in Women's Health.

6. Audible

Audible was the solution resting between "I have no time" and "I need to read more". From "should-ing" and "could-ing" ourselves into a coma, audible offers a great pass time for my runs and long drives to get immersed in another world or to learn something new! Science says 3.5 hours spent toward reading per week can help to stave off chronic conditions, like Alzheimer's disease, and help us to live longer (and smarter).

Nourish Yourself:

Remember, nothing beats whole fresh foods! Plants are powerful! That said, back to back conference calls or driving to meet a client can make munching through your salad challenging! Here are a few quick tricks to supplement your healthy whole foods! I have a few Advocare products because after years of research I have found their science based philosophy refreshing and after years of using their products have became a distributor.

7. Advocare 24 day Jump Start

Members tell me all the time, "I just don't want to think about it" when it comes to nutrition. While I encourage everyone to take charge of their nutritional choices I also understand when we are climbing the ladder or building a family some quick choices can save our day. Advocare hears you and has built a get back on track pack to help build your energy and hit your goals with a 24 day jump start. Again, like any other plan, one has to stick to it for it to work. This is great for getting back on the horse and inspiring you to make healthy choices like exercise part of your day!

8. Spark

Here's a secret, some days I don't feel like moving. More specifically, I've never been a morning person but know the importance of giving myself energy before the rest of the world. So to kick it in gear for 6am spin class Spark is my go to! I use Spark for a pre-workout energy boost or a little caffeine for a productive day (spark or tea or a coffee here and there). My favorite flavors are Fruit Punch, Pink Lemonade or Blue Raspberry. Choose sticks for on the go convenience or a canister for home or office. Only 15 calories and the caffeine of almost 2 cups of coffee with out the crash makes it a win in my book!

9. Adovcare’s V16

This is my answer to kicking colds and avoiding sick days. Think airborne meets a natural energy supplement. Orange is my favorite flavor. When a coworker is sick or I am trying to make it to a race or vacation without getting sick I toss a packet in my water bottle and move on with my day. The best part is we need to drink more water when we travel and it gives me a caffeine-free extra pep in my step!

10. Evol Burritos

A quick nutritious meal on the go is a win whether you are working to stay on points with Weight Watchers or keep your belly from rumbling in your next interview. I love Evols brand with their responsible sourcing and philanthropic efforts to make the world better one meal at a time. That said, if you are crafty in the kitchen and looking to create your own frozen burrito check out this recipe!

11. Kind Bars

A quick healthy snack (that you know what is in it) is hard to come by these days. Enjoy every loving bite of wonderful Kind bars that help you regain your energy without undoing your day! Already in love with Kind bars? Did you know they have an snack club where you can pick what and when you get your bars sent your way at a 16% discount?! Join Here!

12. Hello Fresh

I've tried multiple food prep services and so far Hello Fresh has been my favorite. I think my favorite part is spending time with my boyfriend deciding which meals to pick but also cooking together. And I promise, if I can do it, anyone can do it! Check out Groupon to see if Hello Fresh is offering a deal!

13. Crock Pot

Save time and money with a Crock Pot in 2019! My friend Meg reminded me of her 2019 mission to get our her crock and rock some new recipes this year! I love to prep my crock before I leave for work, a bag of baby carrots, a few chopped potatoes, some celery, a box of vegetable broth, spices and TA DA! If my boyfriend wants, he can pick up a rotisserie chicken on his way home or enjoy my tofu or noodles; dinner is made! I do not have a big family to cook for so I stick with my small crock pictured below (polka dots and all!). Oh, and looking for some great, healthy easy recipes? Check out this article in Self for 51 recipes! I cant wait to try #25 Low-carb Lasagna!

Reduce Stress

14. Passion Planner or 15. Bullet Journal

Yes, I love my google calendar but I notice I crave a creative hand eye effort approach to solidifying my weekly schedule. Personally, I enjoy my Passion Planner because it keeps my goals and monthly focuses in play with each week. Focusing on relationships and who you might see that week is a fun addition to appointments and work. Check out Passion Planner's free printable PDFs!That said, I have talented friends who really enjoy their Bullet Journals. I think the art of hand writing and artsy expression is something worth keeping alive!

16. Me! Bath Mini Me Bombs

At the end of a long day, the promise of a long hot bath can be all that gets me to the finish line. And what is a bath without a skin-softening-smell-good bath bomb! How about one that is 100% vegan and cruelty free (never tested on animals) and handmade in the U.S? Me! Bath products are a fun find I had at Target that make me feel fancy! Check out more about the company!

17. Roomba by IRobot

As much as I love a clean house, I am messy! This is why I love our iRobot Roomba. We have named her Rouge and she is literally part of the family! We have had her going on 4 years now and I can't count the hours she has added back to my life! And Consumer's guide just rated the iRobot Roomba 650 their #1 robot vacuum for 2019! I can't talk about reducing stress without that sigh of relief I feel when I get home after a long day and walk in to find the whole floor vacuumed clean. Thanks Rouge!

18. Tuft & Needle Mattress

"I will get more sleep" is a common goal I hear. We all know sleep is the key to our emotions, mood, hormones, weight loss, stress and aging...basically all the things that keep us up at night! Make this the year you get a new mattress. Not a good mattress, a GREAT MATTRESS. Might as well buy it from a GREAT company too. I personally ordered a Tuft & Needle mattress 2 years ago when I was due for a new one. They have a 100 night trial so I had nothing to lose. Sadly, I found out I am NOT a latex/ memory foam person. I have always had springs and I wasn't ready for the change. For a return policy T&N did not have a donation center near me (they donate the returned mattresses to shelters!) so asked me to donate the brand new mattress to an area charity in need! How AWESOME?! After raving about the experience at work, my friend Becky just ordered her T&N Mint Mattress and LOVES IT! She did lots of research on consumer reviews and loved their reasonable price, 95% keep rate, 10-year warranty and money back guarantee! You can not go wrong trying this mattress out!

19. Oprah and Deepok Meditation Series

Starting the day with meditation is a great way to add focus and intention to our day. No wonder so many people crave that quiet time in the morning as a habit to set. Oprah and Deepok Chopra make it easy with their app "21 day meditation" but also their numerous 21 day meditation challenges. I find myself even revisiting their messages and mantras to help me tone down at the end of a stressful day. Best Friend Reviews give a great break down of the app and the free challenges Oprah and Deepok offer from time to time. A great tool to have in your tool box or at least on your phone!

There you have it! 19 tried and true products and companies set to help you through 2019 and on your way to your best self!

Our tribe is sending you every ounce of positive push we can muster to nudge you toward your path and cheering you on to your goal! Narrow in on your health, be honest with yourself and thrive on!

As always, if you need support reach out! There is no joy greater joy than getting to be of service to those you care about! Keep me posted on your EPIC 2019!

Namaste xoxo,

Coach Ash

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