"Pursue Happy" Playlist

"Got my hands in my pocket, got a heart like a rocket. Man, a train couldn't stop it today. I got a smile like the sunshine, eyes closed keeping time my feet know the beat and the way. Can't hold this down, we own this town...I'm on a roll." - Sugarland "On a Roll"

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This is the feeling I'm talking about! There are some days where everything aligns. We hear the music, we see the light, our cup is full and we want nothing more than to simmer in it. That's what this mix is for!

Last week, I woke up to a rainy windy Saturday. A day I would love to wake up to a quiet house, water my window plants and watch the storm. However, Saturdays are my long run days and plopping on the couch to read wasn't going to run my 10 miler for me. So I did what I do on days I don't want to get my shoes wet, I drove to the LA Fitness cinema room where my treadmill was calling.

Sometimes I call ahead to find out what movie is playing, if its anything REMOTELY scary I'm OUT (falling off the tread in a dark room usually alone as zombies run at the screen is NOT my idea of a fun run). But today, I lucked out. Will Smith's The Pursuit of Happyness was playing. Yes, I've seen it a million times but it was just starting and the last 5 minutes where Chris Gardner's struggles amount to the future he had dreamed brings the biggest smile to my face. So I settled in for 10 miles of odds, obstacles and a true testament of the human spirit.

You know my favorite line from the whole movie? Chris asks how did Thomas Jefferson know to put "pursuit" in front of happiness? How did he know you may never get to it. That the pursuit may be as close as you get?

We have all heard the crazy stories about people trying to maintain happiness. Human nature, survival instinct kicks in and we will do anything to keep it. Now, this grasping rarely adds to our happiness and normally leads to just the opposite.

I guess the lesson out of all of this is we can pursue it, we can find it, simmer in it. And accept it for the fleeting alignment of the cosmos it is for as long as it lasts. As we find more and more of these opportunities we can start to engrain the feeling inside of us to create it at whim.

This playlist is for that. To create happiness at your whim! I envision you enjoying it on a warm day with your windows down on your way to the lake with a friend. OR maybe on a rainy morning as you dance around the house making the most of your pursuit.

This strange mix of country, whimsy and beats is all for you! Enjoy!


Coach Ash xoxo

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